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Dear Patients,

I think what the authorities are recommending to prevent Covid doesn't provide robust enough protection. Otherwise why would so many old people who are following the recommendations carefully still getting infected? I think we have to think for ourselves. So I look at the scientific evidence, and I figure out where all the loopholes are and ways to plug them. That's why I have been sending out all these emails with prevention measures that are more than what the authorities tell us. Adding these measures should make your self-protection much more robust. Keep doing them so that they become habits, something you do automatically, like washing hands. You are going to need such habits if Covid dramatically increases when the weather cools down and the new variants become prevalent.

I've been sending out Covid advice emails securely to you since this pandemic started. For those of you who don't have email and for those of you who don't want to re-read my previous emails but find it hard to dig through all your email records, I have put my Covid emails since April 5, 2020 on this website.

Wish you happiness! Stay healthy and safe!

Dr. Dennis Fong