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Covid Advice #3 (04/15/2020):
With Covid We Have to be Very Strict

- from Dr. Dennis Fong -

Some people are saying I am too strict, too "paranoid", in my last two Covid letters (April 5 and April 6). I just want to tell you I am not.

A patient of mine just told me yesterday her 22 year-old son who is really smart, really nice, and who is working on the East Coast just got Covid. Without having read my letters of April 5 and 6, he had been doing everything I said in them just based on his own research and study. Except he only quarantined his groceries that got delivered for 24 hours like we had originally thought, not 3-10 days depending on the item like we later discovered and which was in my 04/05/2020 letter. And he got Covid.

So with Covid we can't be too stict or too "paranoid". Treat everyone out there and everything out there as infected, and do everything just like I said in my letters. Or even stricter. As we discover more new findings on Covid I will send you more advice.

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