p Dr. Dennis Y. Fong, M.D.
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Covid Advice #24 (09/05/2022):
Good to Get the New Bivalent Covid Vaccine

- from Dr. Dennis Fong -

Like the CDC, I think we should get the new updated "Bivalent" Covid booster. It generates immunity to both the original Covid plus the now-dominant BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants (hence "bivalent"). It will prevent serious illness and death, plus it lessens the chance of infection when you come into contact with the virus. The FDA says you can have the new booster as soon as 2 months after your last shot. The FDA has approved Pfizer for ages 12 and up and Moderna for 18 and up.

Even though the rates of death and serious illness have lessened with vaccination and Omicron, I would still recommend not getting Covid, and if you already had it, don't get it again. We still don't know

Again, a word about staying 6 feet apart when eating with those who don't live with you. As I've said before, the main way my patients who've been wearing masks and cleaning hands for the past 2 1/2 years is not social distancing when eating with others. Six feet isn't that far, two ends of a picnic table would be 6 feet; 4 couples can fit in a 10 foot square -- you can definitely talk and laugh together and have a good time at 6 feet.

Wish you happiness! Stay healthy!

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