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Covid Advice #10 (07/18/2020):
My Advice is Real; Follow it and
Practice Robust Self-Protection

- from Dr. Dennis Fong -

Just so you know my advice isn't empty dreamt-up theoretical, my only patient with Covid so far as of today, July 18, is from not washing vegetables in soap.

My patient had caught Covid very recently when diagnosed, at most a few days, because the spouse tested negative. Now my patient did everything right except for washing the vegetables with only baking soda, salt and water, not soap. Vegetables were brought home 4 days before symptom onset - the fairly big supermarket was nearly empty at the time, the few people there all wore masks, and there was no line up. My patient did all the cooking and touching of the fridge and the raw vegetables, where the Covid was alive, while the spouse ate only cooked vegetables, where, of course, the Covid was dead. So it came on the vegetables, and that explains why the spouse didn't get it.

Of course, the spouse, who, by the way, had significant lung disease and would have been in huge trouble, would have gotten it from my case if symptoms hadn't developed after only at most 4 days and I was seen right away, and if I hadn't asked in detail about the preventative measures being practiced, pinpointed the vegetables not being washed in soap, and told my case there was a risk for Covid, to get tested, and to quarantine immediately from the spouse, even before test results were back.

Again, my advice is real and practical; I suggest you follow it and practice robust self-protection in the days to come.

Wish you happiness! Stay healthy and stay safe!

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