Why Patients Would Want    
a Primary doctor like    
Dr. Rick Sukhjinder Brah    

Dr. Rick Sukhjinder Brah has taken my place seeing patients in Walnut Creek as of Jan. 1, 2024. He was born and grew up in California, went to Virginia Medical College, and has been in continuous medical practice since 2003. His website is rickbrahmd.com.

The reason I think patients would want to see a primary doctor like Dr. Brah is because when his patients need to go into the hospital, he will go there not just to say "hi" then leave the patient's overall care and coordination with the specialists to the hospital's hospitalist doctors, but will be the attending doctor in overall charge.

Three Advantages
Why is that important? Because it gives the patients three advantages that are not available with other primary care doctors:

  1. The patient gets personalized care when he/she needs it the most, when he/she is sick enough to go into the hospital. His/her personal doctor knows him/her, can customize his/her care, and also, can get the specialists to customize the care.

  2. Such primary doctors have medical knowledge that is a class above. They see at first hand what serious disease looks like, what complications look like, what possible short- and long-term problems can arise after discharge and how they are related to the hospitalization and the treatment rendered there, and so forth. They also treat serious disease and all the coomplications, along with nurses, specialists and other providers, at first hand. With such intimate knowledge of serious disease these doctors are better able to nip things in the bud -- they can more quickly recognize the early signs and they know in more depth what to do. And since they know both office and hospital medicine, they are better at keeping a patient's existing conditions, maybe mild now, from developing into serious disease later.

  3. To be able to do both office medicine and hospital medicine, such primary doctors have to constantly read, study and go to seminars to stay up to date.